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Compact Tsubaki Zip Chain Actuators deliver efficiency and reliability

As an optimal solution for delivering linear motion, Tsubaki's Zip Chain Actuators offer several advantages over traditional designs. Compact, reliable, high-speed, versatile and environmentally friendly - Tsubaki Zip Chain Actuators provide smooth performance that meets the needs of multiple applications.


Tsubaki Zip Chain Actuators utilise zip chains with an end fitting bracket, which can be housed within a compact chain case. The zip chains engage quietly outside of the housing, with a specially designed Tsubaki sprocket ensuring smooth power transmission. This design enables installation in any direction, allowing for lifting, horizontal movement and suspension - providing versatility for the needs of a wide array of equipment.

Primary benefits include an inherently compact design compared to traditional linear actuators. The height of the chain housing case can be up to 90% less than the stroke, which eliminates the space efficiency issues suffered by pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. Furthermore, pipes associated with pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders are replaced by cables. This allows for installation within compact spaces, or, offers the opportunity to reduce the footprint of equipment designs. Combined with an integrated drive structure and the ability to install in any direction, Tsubaki Zip Chain Actuators provide plenty of options for equipment manufacturers looking to downsize systems.

Compactness is matched with excellent reliability and speed. Designed to provide exceptional wear protection and high resistance to chain elongation, Tsubaki Zip Chain Actuators have an expected travelling distance of up to 4,000 km. A top speed of up to 1,000 mm/s far outstrips the capabilities of screw type, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. Combined with servo motors, Tsubaki Zip Chain Actuators can carry out multi-point stopping with high precision.

For those looking to reduce their carbon footprint, Tsubaki Zip Chain Actuators also offer an advantage in this regard. Inherently energy efficient to produce and operate when compared to pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, Zip Chain Actuators have a reduced overall CO2 output. The complicated systems associated with pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders naturally result in increased power losses, while the simplicity of Tsubaki Zip Chain Actuators ensures reduced losses and a high system conversion efficiency. As well as reduced environmental impact, high efficiency also enables energy cost savings.


Tsubaki Zip Chains are lubricated by grease, removing problematic oil lines and eliminating any leakage risks. The drive source of Tsubaki Zip Chain Actuators is simply connected by cables, which further eases maintenance work.

Suitable applications include pallet transfer devices, lifting equipment, part tray lifters, furnace doors, container sorting equipment and automated guided vehicles (AGVs).